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Ganesa Icons From Vasant Chowdhury

Ganesa, literally the lord of ganas is the most universally adored of all Brahmanical deities. The images of Ganesa are found practically in every part of India. The popularity of the god is extended to Nepal, Java, Cambodia, Indonesia and even his worship not unknown in Tibet, Myanmar, China and Japan. The god has been conceived as vighneswara, the lord of obstacles, vighantaka, the remover of calamities, siddhidata, the bestower of success and the divine scribe which gained him the reputation as patron of letters.

The Exhibition consists of twenty images out of one hundred objects of art and crafts representing the icons of Ganesa gifted to the Indian Museum on 5 June, 2000 AD by late Vasant Chowdhury, the celebrated actor and art connoisseur.