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  Paintings of Jamini Roy
Album Of Art treasures

Jamini Ray, a versatile genius and the legendary artist of Bengal, played a role of profound significance by his aesthetic adventure and left a permanent and distinguished place in Indian painting.Jamini Ray was born on April 11, 1887 in the village of Beliatore in Bankura district of West Bengal and passed his childhood amidst the living rural art of Bengal. The surroundings as well as the family tradition have greatly influenced his artistic career. Jamini Ray was greatly impressed by the work of the village craftsmen like the potter, the carpenter, the blacksmith, the clay-modeller and above all the patua and also the alpana or simple artistic rice-paste drawing of rural women . It was from these village craftsmen that he learnt the importance of the fundamental line and the expressive contours which formed the keynote of his painting. The paintings of Jamini Ray are noteworthy for their linear rhythm and attractive colour composition.