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  Musical Instruments
Donated by Raja Sir Sourindro Mohun Tagore

TRaja Sir Sourindro Mohun Tagore of the Pathuriaghata Raj family, an eminent scholar of musicology, had authored a number of books on music namely, Universal History of Music, Yantrakosha, Six Principal Ragas etc. In 1875 when His Royal Highness Prince of Wales ,Edward VII ,visited Calcutta, a Bengali band was formed using the collection of musical instruments of Raja Sir Sourindro Mohun Tagore and those instruments were donated in 1876 to the Indian Museum. This collection includes a wide variety of string instruments namely Mahakachhapi Vina, Mayuri Vina etc and percussion instruments like Huruk, Joraghayi drum etc, besides a variety of trumpets viz. Turi, Ranasinga etc and blowing instruments. On the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of the Indian Museum in 1914, Raja Sir Sourindro Mohun Tagore further donated a series of magnificent Japanese and Indian musical instruments along with a splendid Burmese violin. The Japanese collection was a gift to Raja by His Imperial Majesty Mikado of Japan and the Burmese violin was presented by His Majesty the king Theebaw of Burma.